Tuesday, January 13, 2009

French Press Style Coffee

Because of the filtering system there is always some sediment which some people don't like. It uses very coarsely ground coffee that basically steeps in the brewing water for several minutes allowing all the flavours to fully extract from the coffee grinds. The French press style of coffee making produces very rich, aromatic and tasty coffee.

There are some models of French Press that are insulated which is good for keeping things hot while it steeps. This plunger also serves as the lid. A French press coffee maker has two parts: a straight-sided container usually made of glass, and a filter-plunger that pushes through the water to filter out the coffee after it has steeped.

DO NOT press it down yet, it needs to steep for about four minutes (a little more or less depending the coarseness of the grind). You should now put the plunger/lid on the pot to help retain heat. You may wish to stir the coffee grinds around to be sure all of them are in contact with water. When ready, empty the carafe, add your coffee, and then add your brewing water. To brew coffee with a French Press, you should pre-heat the carafe while you boil your water.

Just take your time and it will work. The filter can jam on grinds that are too fine. If it doesn't want to go down, simply lift the plunger up slightly and try again. Do not force the plunger. Once you feel the coffee has brewed enough, slowly depress the plunger trapping the grounds on the bottom.

French Press pots are not well insulated and coffee cools off very quickly. The other main reason to pour your coffee off is to keep it warm. This will quickly ruin your coffee. If you leave the coffee in the French Press it will remain in contact with the grinds and keep brewing. Despite what some may say, it is usually best to decant the coffee into an insulated serving pot.

Once you've done that you will have some of the most tasty coffee anywhere. Play with the brewing time and grind coarseness until you get the taste that you like best.


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