Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coffee: The Big Picture

There's a lot of hoopla online that doesn't necessarily give you the big picture as to what the best coffee for you really is. Well the amount of knowledge that can cover coffee can fill up dozens of volumes of books. This won't surprise connoisseurs of coffee, but for the rest of us here is a very basic tip to enhance your indulgence of this fine drink.

If you buy your own coffee, it's critical that you buy it as fresh as possible. This means you do not want to buy in bulk (unless you are planning to feed a small army) at a time. Buy enough to cover you for the week. That ensures that you drink the freshest coffee possible.

Also one other thing you might want to consider when buying coffee, is to buy a little of each variety of coffee for the week. That way you can not only drink the freshest (and thus truest forms) of the coffee, but this will help develop you palate to become more discerning when it comes to the tastes of coffee.

Why would anyone go through all this trouble you ask? Well the point isn't so you can show off you knowledge to others (which merely a bonus in all this), but you will for the first time open your eyes to what "real" coffee should taste like. And fully appreciate it's evolution and it's history of bewitching mankind's taste buds.

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