Thursday, August 7, 2008

History Of Hawaiian Coffee

Many People think that the best of coffee is Luak Coffee, but many wil say that the best coffee is Hawaiian coffee. Hawaii is famous for great beach and volcano, but can it produce the best coffee?, well this is quite a remarkable achievement considering that the coffee plant was not introduced to Hawaii until 1825, almost a thousand years after commercial cultivation began in other, older, growing regions of the world. Hawaiian coffee growers have benefited from many centuries of trial and error without ever having pruned a branch, you could say that the coffee gods saved the best for last.

Luak CoffeeHawaiian coffee

Imagine taking a highly refined strain of the prized coffee Arabica and transplanting it in a place that had absolutely perfect conditions that were as of yet unknown to the world. The result would be an even more evolved, more refined strain of what was already the best in the world. Hawaiian coffee soon became known for its superb, rich, high-toned acidity; fruit nuance; medium to full body and complex aroma.

Coffee plantation in hawaii located in Kona Coast. The Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii has been described as the Napa Valley of the coffee world. Kona grown Hawaiian coffee more resembles the finest Latin American coffees than that of other Pacific region coffees. Much like the Napa Valley surprised the wine world when it started producing world-class wines; Hawaii continues to surpass the expectations of connoisseurs around the world with clean, crisp, perfectly balanced coffees.

You can say that Coffee and the beach doesn't match at all, While coffee might not be the beverage of choice while relaxing on a beach in paradise, a cup of Hawaiian coffee and a little imagination might just help ease the tension of a hectic day and transport you, at least temporarily, to a place where life is much slower and your biggest problem is deciding what color of tiny-umbrella to put in your other favorite beverage.




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