Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cappuccino how to

Cappuccino is a cup of coffee with fresh milk and milk foam bubbles burst on the top of cup. The color of Cappuccino is dark brown. Cappuccino is a name that from the color of the robe of priest in Roman Catholic called “Capuchin”. It always drinks in the morning with breakfast.

How to make a cup of cappuccino
1. Roasted bean = 8-10 grams
2. Fresh milk = 4-6 ounces
3. Coffee cup = 6 ounces
4. Chocolate or Cinnamon Powder
5. Sugar

1. Use one by tree of coffee volume in a cup.
2. Heat the fresh milk with 60 grade Celsius or lower.
3. Make the fine milk foam bubbles burst in suitable volume.
4. Add one by tree cup of warm milk in the cup.
5. Use a tea spoon for take the milk foam bubbles burst on the top of coffee until the edge of cup.
6. Before serve, sprinkle the top with chocolate or cinnamon powder.

Ice Cappuccino
The method is similar to hot cappuccino. Ice cappuccino is cappuccino that serves with ice. The ice has to fine to small molecule. The glass volume should be 8-12 ounces and cylinder shape. Put cappuccino in fine ice and add the milk foam bubbles burst on the top about one of three from the edge of the glass. Before serve, coffee maker ought to wait a moment for cooled glass of cappuccino. And do not forget to put a stick in the glass. The drinkers should drink all in one time because if the ice melt, the taste/flavor will change.

How to drink Cappuccino
1. Never stir Cappuccino with spoon.
2. Normally, no need to add sugar because the Cappuccino is pretty sweet already. But if you want sweeter, add sugar a tea spoon and stir with gentle. Never use syrup as sweetener in Cappuccino because milk and syrup will incompatibility.
3. Smell the flavor of Chocolate or cinnamon powder before drinking.
4. After drinking, the foamed milk will stick at the bottom of the cup. If no foamed milk stick means the method of making coffee is not good enough.


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