Sunday, September 7, 2008

spas and keurig a perfect marriage

Did you know there has been an increase in spas located directly in medical and dental offices. Being directly involved in the dental profession, I personally know many dentists that have provided the opportunity for their patients to relax during their dental visit. They provide, many times at little to no cost, relaxation services including full body, head, eye, foot, hand, or neck massage, relaxing music, movies, televisions on ceilings, vibrating chairs, facials, make up applications, and aroma therapy. These Dental spas are where people can get their dental work performed in a relaxing state and environment.
Now imagine this tranquil ambiance of the spa environment office paired with a $20 dollar multi-cup sludge machine providing stale coffee. Well this scenario actually was occurring in one of my good friends practice. I could not imagine how he went the whole 9 yards without realizing the final yard required a premium beverage experience. This is where the Keurig single cup coffee maker comes in with its sleek design and its near 200 varieties of premium coffee, tea, and cocoa. In less than 60 seconds a clients palette can be tantalized with Timothy's finest caffeine free Chamomile Tea, or the luxuriously deep flavor of Ghirardelli Premium Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa. Maybe Van Houtte Classic Creme Brulee Coffee might be ones calling. Or how about the fine quality of Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea. I think you're getting the point. 
With all the money spent on technology for televisions, lasers, computers, vibrating chairs, and massage tables, most medical and dental offices surprisingly notice the coffee maker being the most cost effective way to make patients feel cared for and special.  A Keurig Coffee Maker ideally should be placed in the waiting room where patients can browse the selection and make a cup of delight at the touch of their fingertips.  The anxious, nervous patient can relax with a cup of green tea, waiting moms can recharge with a cup of cappuccino, and kids love the sweet taste of cocoa. 
As more people are demanding and paying for a spa like experience in all professional settings, it seems consistent that the Keurig Coffee Maker provides the perfect partner in this endeavour. So hear me all health professionals; if you're creating a spa experience for your clients, please provide them the perfect complementary beverage from Keurig.  It will help build patient trust, provide comfort and added relaxation, and most importantly boost patient referrals.

Keurig Coffee Maker


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