Thursday, October 9, 2008

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You might know the name of the coffee when you order it, but do you really know that coffee. Today I’ll introduce a new coffee to you, which you may want to order next time.
Starting with “Espresso”, I think this name sound familiar to you because every reputable coffee shop must have it. Yet they all serve a different recipe and flavor of varying quantity and price.
Espresso is created from the pressure coffee machine called “Espresso coffee machine”, that produces a small but strong brew, aromatic and unadulterated real coffee flavor.
The drinking method of this coffee is comparable to the art of manufacture. For Espresso’s flavor life is very brief. (Count one second)
If you went to a good coffee shop and saw someone standing while consuming a small measure of coffee in one gulp, before simply walking away. Then you’ve just noticed an expert! For that’s the perfect way to drink Espresso, no need for sugar, milk or to waste time. Because the longer you leave your Espresso lying in waiting, the more flavor you will lose. Even it comes from best coffee shop in the world.
Coffee lover, I’ll tell you about another type of coffee next issue.
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