Thursday, November 13, 2008

Coffee House Possibilities

We think about it a lot! While driving we're thinking about it. At work we think about it. At work we think about it. While we're in the gym we think about it. We also incorporate our fantasies into our daily lives and imagine meeting that person who gets our heart racing and our palms sweaty at the places we go. Come on admit it, we all have our fantasies. When your single your always imagining meeting that right person.

So that person walking in is hoping for the same thing you are. After all you're not the only one thinking about it, we all are. Why not, it could happen and it certainly does! We hope for that coffee house possibility of meeting that right person. Certainly while we are sitting at our local coffee shop we look up as someone is coming in and wonder and hope.

In fact, take a hot sip while driving and you might have a different possibility, an accident. After all, there are no possibilities while sipping your mocha café latté driving. Try not just picking up your coffee to go, sit and enjoy a refill. Regularity creates familiarity creating a sense of comfort, which allows two people to ease into conversation. Most people follow routines and by following one yourself you could see the same person regularly. To give your possibilities more of a chance try going to the same coffee shop and go at the same time.

If it goes nowhere don't worry, the great thing about your coffee house, there is always another person coming in creating endless coffee house possibilities. You never know unless you try. Take a chance and even say hello. When you see that certain someone that cause your heart to have a little arrhythmia, don't just freeze, at least smile.

So sit enjoy, what's your rush after all the coffee is good and that next person walking in could be the one you want to meet who wants to meet you, anything is possible at the coffee house!


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